How we can help


HR Puzzle is an independent Human Resource Consultancy passionate about HR and making a difference to all business, start-ups, small and medium and larger businesses. We can help you get the best performance out of your employees.

We offer a number of services, but our promise is to provide a bespoke, personalised, consistent HR service with no technical jargon at a reasonable price.

HR can seem a costly and confusing concept if you are starting a new business or at the stage where you are employing people or taking that next step to becoming an even bigger employer. Without HR support you could face lengthy people issues, policies that are out of date and crucially, those which are not compliant with employment law which could lead to an employment tribunal.

HR is all about giving your business the right balance of finance, operations, marketing and HR. HR is the missing or often neglected part to your business that can and should contribute to enhancing your success. HR Puzzle let you concentrate on what you do best and save you from getting caught up in complex and disruptive HR issues. Speak to an expert and let us take the hassle out of it.

We have a number service package options available for you, whether on a day rate, weekly, monthly or quarterly or even our unique pay as you go service. Please contact if you would to discuss more options too.

“HR Issues that can spiral”

There are hundreds of different things that could happen when dealing with employees in the world of work and without the correct HR policies, processes or advice you could find yourself in that worst-case scenario of an ‘Employment Tribunal’.

Employees rights come from UK Common Law, UK Employment Law and European regulations. You should also make sure your business complies with ACAS guidelines.

Some of the issues that could end up in a tribunal are:

  • Discrimination - against a protected characteristic, these include age, being pregnant or having a child, disability, race including colour, religious belief, age, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Terms and conditions – including pay and working hours.
  • Time off work – there are procedures you must follow to allow employees time off work.
  • Parents and carers rights – these include flexible working requests, maternity, paternity and shared parental leave.
  • Redundancy, retirement or transfers – employment law protects employees against unfair treatment.

With all these challenges, there are rules and procedures you can follow to prevent issues escalating and ensure that you are treating your employees fairly. If you have the right HR packages in place, you will also be a more attractive employer.


Where we can help

Recruiting can be a huge step when you haven’t employed anyone before, we can assist with this. We can provide a 1 hour ‘how to get started with recruitment’ session, which covers the basics when taking this exciting step.

If you would like more than one hour or face to face support during interviewing just let us know and we can help you with this.


The initial 30 minute consultation is provided free of charge. As a result of this discussion you will be given an estimate of the cost of the services you require.

An HR policy and process health check is also provided free of charge to review your current HR setup. We can identify any priority areas for change or discuss how we can be the missing piece in your business.

For larger businesses, we can discuss your HR needs, flexible working, project work and/ or specialist HR recruitment.


If you are a new business wanting to employee at least one person? Did you know you must provide them with at least a Written Statement of Particulars within 8 weeks of starting with you?

To get the most of your employees, it is recommended you have a number of policy’s and processes in place.

We can assist you with the perfect package which includes a one hour meeting either face to face or a phone call, basic documents and help to ensure you are ready for your first employee.


You will find that as you and your business develop and grow you will come across different pieces of work that you will need for your business. The types of projects can include, appraisals, performance review and training just to mention a few.

Included in this package is unlimited contact during the length of the project. The employee handbook is also a great document including policies and procedures your employees can refer to.


A policy refresh or creating key policies are essential to any good business. Each document will be specifically tailored to your organisation, and will include any necessary legal information.

Examples of policies are sickness and absence, maternity and paternity, flexible working and disciplinary and grievance.


Unsure about any HR issue? Have a general query, don’t know who to ask? Would you like to have a chat about something you are worried about?

Then we can provide everything you need to answer your basic HR queries. The call can last up to one hour, anything after this will need to be picked up on one of our other services.


This service covers all types of business’s needs. You might already have some HR policies in place which need a refresh, you might want some starter documents if you haven’t got any HR support so far.

You might want some help on ensuring your employment legalisation is up to date. Perhaps you want a face to face / phone meeting on any employment issue or how to make improvements to your business using HR, you can also use this time for short training sessions.

This service can be delivered in any way you wish, be it via email and phone, face to face support or a combination of these methods.


Our best value package. By committing to us for a minimum of three months you will receive three hours of HR support for free.

On-going dedicated HR support for a monthly fee. This is ideal for businesses who find they have issues arising that need support throughout the month.

This can also include writing, new and / or updating policies, access to phone or face to face meetings when required, interview support, performance review, absence management or projects.

  • Employment Law changes

Every April new employment law changes and legalisation come into effect. Your business must be aware of these changes and ensure they are implemented. We can support you with the upcoming changes and assist you to ensure you are not in breach of the changes. 

For example, some of the key changes from April 2016 were related to the National living wage, the new state pension scheme, limits for redundancy pay and employment, tribunal pay-outs, minimum salary payment for tier 2 workers, and public sector employees can now be required to repay exit payments.

Contact us to know that your business is compliant.

We provide a range of flexible packages to ensure you get the most out of what your business needs.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements, even if they aren’t listed above, we would be more than happy to help, just complete the form in the Contact us page or call us on 07960113252.

Flexible working packages

  • Package 1

One day’s work as a flexible working consultant – work would include creating a “Family Friendly/ Modern Working policy” for you to provide to your employees, which includes different types of flexible working available.

  • Package 2 

Package 1 plus 2 additional days’ work which would be spent combining your existing policies (related to flexible working) checking these are up to date and relevant (if necessary) The documents would be combined into a flexible working toolkit, which would include how to support employee’s wellbeing, employee engagement and managing work life balance.

  • Package 3

Complete flexible working package to ensure you would be a modern working exemplar.

8 days’ consultancy spent on the 3 key business processes that have an impact on becoming an exemplary modern working employer:

1. Recruitment – time would be spent on how to recruit flexibly and where to advertise such roles to support getting the right candidates. This can also help you to increase the diversity of candidates.

2. Training – For line managers on how to manage flexible working requests (informally and formally) and how to support those working flexibly, and how to spot/ deal with performance issues. 

3. Policy – as with package 2

You would also receive up to 3 office visits, support with a business case, contact via phone and email.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” Steve Jobs…HR Puzzle - the missing piece in your business.