About us


HR Puzzle was founded by Anna Ives MCIPD in 2016, to provide effective HR solutions to a variety of different businesses across Hertfordshire and beyond. We have experience in working in a number of different sectors such as the NHS, Education and Local Government, as well as large national and multinational private companies across IT & communications, insurance and service provider consultancies.

With 10 years’ experience working in both Public and Private Sectors and within small to large businesses across a range of different HR positions has provided a full understanding of HR needs.

We offer a comprehensive set of services to start ups and small to medium businesses that don’t have internal HR support. From our extensive experience, we also offer services to larger businesses who require external support on subjects such as policy writing, projects and absence cover.

We specialise in general HR issues and Employment Relations. We also have expertise in business partnering. We have full up to date employment law knowledge and promote best practice HR.

What sets us apart?

  • ✔  Wanting to provide a bespoke, personalised, friendly, consistent HR service with no technical jargon at a reasonable price

✔  We operate a pay per minute phone service, giving basic HR advice when you just want to chat something over but don’t know where to start

✔  We specialise in supporting mothers/ women in business who have SME’s. Not only does Anna have over 10 years HR experience, but is also a mother, woman and has set up her own business. Where better to find support from someone who has the same experiences

✔  We promote flexible working! One of the key factors that created HR Puzzle is a lack of flexible roles available. For larger organisations who use or would like to use HR in house we work with an independent HR recruitment team, who specialise in recruiting HR professionals on flexible contracts. We will visit you to discuss how we can help you on this new topic that this becoming an issue businesses will need to consider before legal changes may occur



"I would definitely recommend Anna's services and wouldn't hesitate to contact her again for any official documents for my business" - Karen Witchalls-Plunkett, PMP Agency

"Anna's knowledge and expertise in employment law is excellent, and the level of service she provided was second to none, never failing to go the extra mile. Anna provided excellent service and support and is extremely professional and knowledgable on all levels of HR" - E. Bolton

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” Steve Jobs…HR Puzzle - the missing piece in your business.